The Valley View

Living in the Silicon Valley, but I have rarely get a good view of the valley from the ground level. Finally I have some good aerial view pictures of the neighborhood in Sunnyvale. What a sight! The Cherry Chase Elementary school is in the foreground in some of these pictures.

Cherry Chase Elementary


1st blog jguo wants me to do this so i guess i will

what am i supposed to write anyways

today is july 8th 2019 and “KEEP IT SERIOUS”

writing about my day is boring so bye

fine i did my stuff did chemistry did debate went swimming and big brained a presh talwalker problem

My favorite Overwatch hero by Kagu

My favorite hero

My favorite Overwatch hero is Tracer. Tracer is very speedy because she can blink and recall. 

She has 150 hp.  Tracer’s suit is gray, orange and white. She has black hair. 

 Tracer’s first ability is blink. Blink is like a burst of movement. You move 7.5 meters per blink. The duration of the blink is 0.1 seconds. Tracer can have three blinks at a time before the blinks have to recharge. Each blink will take 3 seconds to recharge.

Tracer’s second ability is recall. If you use recall, the recall will return you to the position you were at three seconds ago. The duration of the recall is 1.25 seconds, and the recall takes 12 seconds to recharge before you can use it again.  

Her ultimate is a pulse bomb. An ultimate ability is… The pulse bomb does 5 damage when you stick it on someone (). The explosion of the bomb does 60 when your on the edge of the explosion and does 300 at the center of the explosion. 

Tracer’s guns are called Pulse Pistols. The bullets do 6 damage at  close range and 1.8 at their furthest range. The Pulse Pistols can shoot up to 10 to 20 meters before they no longer do any damage. They shoot 20 shots per second and have a capacity of 40 bullets. The reload time is 1.15 seconds. 

This is what Tracer can do.

Hello world!

Welcome to our first blog! Hello from Silicon Valley in California … hope you visit again soon!